Donkey Rescue History

When we were associated with Peacefull Valley Donkey Rescue, we had found homes for over 40 donkeys. Each donkey was cared for and gentled at our facility. Below are just a few of the donkeys that have passed thru our farm to new owners.

We’ve been in the news. Take a look at these Roanoke Times articles from Jun 23, 2011 & Dec 27, 2011


Baxter is an almost 3 yr. old gelding. I thought he was shy but today he was so anxious to be with me. He was a bit standoffish initially but after a few days he was one of my best buds. He loves carrots and he loves to run.


BB is a flashy 2 yr. old jenny. She is reddish with cute white freckles scattered about. BB is friendly, inquisitive and seems to follow the crowd (if the boys are with me, there she is but if the boys run, there she goes!!)


Benjamin is a 2 yr. old gelding. Visually there is nothing flashy about him. He is grey and shaggy, but he is without a doubt the friendliest. He is always the first to greet me, always hanging around me, and always the last to leave. He lets me lift his feet and my guess is he will be agreeable to most anything I gently ask of him.


Blackie is the youngest and also the shyest of the group. He is about 22 months old and I have no doubt he will grow into a engaging and friendly donkey. He approaches me slowly if I have carrots but retreats once the treats are gone. He is beautiful with his striking black/white markings.


Blaze is a 6 yr. old gelding. He was adopted out and returned through no fault of his own. He chased down her goats (not aggressive, simply too playful). A young gelding is rarely good as a guard animal for smaller critters, and he should never have been placed with goats. Blaze fits into our donkey herd just fine. Good with a halter, good with foot handling. Healthy and handsome.


Buster is a mule. Notice the shorter ears and shiny coat. Buster fits in well with the other donkeys. He is becoming very friendly the more we interact with him.


Details for this donkey are no longer available!


Details for this donkey are no longer available!


Chito is an 8 yr. old gelding. Seems he had some weight issues (too fat!) in the past but now is almost a perfect weight. Calm, gentle, and willing to allow foot pick-up. Haltering is next!


Chester is an 11 yr. old gelding. Although the oldest of the group he still has lots of life left in him. Remember donkeys live 40-50 years! Chester’s maturity serves to make him calm and smart. No vices.


Chewy – She is arguably the cutest of the group, simply because she is the baby. Only 8 months old and a mini. ADORABLE!! She loves to be brushed, allows foot handling, and tolerates my incessant hugging!


Chicklet is an 8 yr. old mini jenny. Good, calm girl. She recently rubbed an area raw on her muzzle. She was so tolerant of all medical care (cleaning and ointments). Very sweet, learns quickly.


Cocoa is a 2 yr. old jenny. She was a bit standoffish at first. Now she is right up front when I’m looking to engage. Very pretty girl. There is no doubt in my mind that she will be a wonderful pet.


Coffee is a 6 yr. old jenny. She is a great young girl. She has been, from the start, friendly and docile. No vices, allows me to pick up feet. I haven’t tried haltering yet.


Cookie is a 10 yr. old jenny. Gets along well with the herd. Calm and gentle. The baby donkey, Chewy, for some reason, was always trying to nurse from Cookie. Cookie was gentle and so patient with this annoyance!


Cricket is a 22 month old jenny. Beautiful, fluffy and gentle. She gets along with all people and animals. A gem.


Crystal is 22 month old jenny. She has always loved human contact. She’ll stand by me indefinitely as long as I’m paying the least bit of attention to her. Very willing to do most everything for me.


Parker is a gorgeous spotted gelding. He is also very friendly and always vying for my attention along with Sonny. Parker loves to be groomed, will accept a halter and is willing to allow me to touch his feet but we’re still working on picking them up for cleaning. He is already braying a bit, usually only when he hears us coming in the morning. No obvious vices.


Sonny is extremely friendly. He loves any kind of attention and will stand still indefinitely as long as someone is giving him some TLC. Sonny loves to be brushed, will accept a halter and is working on allowing me to pick up his feet. No vices that I can see. He’s a great calm, gentle boy.


Texas is the shyest of the group. She is very calm and seems interested in everything around her. She will approach me and sniff but is not yet interested in too much hands-on contact. She is the youngest of the four and I have no doubt she will come around. I have not yet tried a halter or hoof cleaning.


Weatherford is Texas’s buddy. They always hang together, and both are a bit more playful than the older two. Weatherford was timid the first day but now comes up to me looking for contact and attention. She is still wary of the halter, but I bet in the next week we’ll get past that. She enjoys being brushed and loves carrots.


Details for this donkey are no longer available!


Details for this donkey are no longer available!


Details for this donkey are no longer available!


Details for this donkey are no longer available!


Details for this donkey are no longer available!


Details for this donkey are no longer available!


Details for this donkey are no longer available!


Details for this donkey are no longer available!


Details for this donkey are no longer available!